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  • SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It connects the two servers together over a encrupted and secure connection by establishing encryption protocols in a pipe format where information is shared with the intended recipient and read securely by the intended recipient. The Website that you are communicating with, is not prone to hacks - An SSL certificate makes the website information more secure. Of course there are no locks for Information threives, but there is a effort in the right direction. 
  • An SSL certificate will work as a first level of firewalls to prevent un-necessary traffic being sent to your website by BOTS. This will assist you to not just keep the health of the server you are hosted on better and not put your domain name at risk or either being hacked or prevent it from getting listed in spam. Which will in-turn improve the health of your corporate communications. 
  • If you are into ecommerce, then an SSL certificate on yoru website / email will assist in securely transmitting yours and your customer's financial information through your website more efficiently and securely. It will mean that your customers will trust your business more and be confident of putting their fiancial information in the form of a transaction, in your hands.

User friendly interface & installation

If you’re looking for the latest in SSL Certificates to assist you in putting a security layer, whether small, medium or large enterprise, there is a certificate for all requirements. This is backed by a easy to use / install interfact with installation suypport.

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SSL Certificates

Usage of the Internet is becoming more common due to rapid advancement.

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TRUSTe Privacy

Usage of the Internet is becoming more common due to rapid advancement.

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WHOis ID protect

It is important to keep private information, private.
ID Protect = Less Spam

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Comprehensive Website Security Solution online delivered by 7DS.

Protective Preventative Maintenance

The SSL certificates plays a critical role for the safety and security of the website. It is imperative to secure your online / digital intellectual property at all times. 
Norton Securioty is a leading player in the online security space. Download a recent survey / report by them here for more information.

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7Digital Solutions® is an enterprise, engaged in providing international domain name registration services globally. All the domain extensions under one roof. We manage your domain name portfolio. We provide Services on TMCH (Trademark Clearing House) and Brand Monitoring Services. 7DS has a large portfolios of SSL certificates for providing security solutions online.